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PhD-prject on "How to design complex wayfinding signs"
(posted June 2012)

Using virtual environments and eye-tracking techniques, Hana Kmecova (2nd year PhD student in the Psychology Research Centre at Bournemouth University) systematically investigates factors that influence the efficiency of complex wayfinding signs.

sign1     sign2    sign 3

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Improving the wayfinding signage system in Poole Hospital
(posted June, 2012)

Bournemouth University is currently running two intervention studies to evaluate and improve the current wayfinding aids in Poole Hospital (UK)

Study 1: Improving the design of (YAH) maps

Study 2: Using mobile eye-tracking to improve the signage system.

First results of the empirical studies evaluating different designs are currently dripping in.

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Wayfinding Signage at Frankfurt Airport
(posted June, 2012)

Over the past few years, the Centre for Cognitive Science (Freiburg University, Germany) and the Spatial Cognition & Wayfinding Lab (Bournemouth University, UK) have been involved in Consultancy work for Frankfurt Airport (2nd largest european hub) to improve the signage system at a couple of critical transfer locations.

Results from the studies have been presented at international conferences and Fraport has changed the signage system at a number of location in the Frankfurt Airport.
  • Büchner, S., Hölscher, C., Eckart, P., Hilpert, B., and Wiener, J. (2010). Evaluation of Signs using Eye-Tracking. Presented at EDRA41, Washington, DC
Examplary results from a gaze behaviour study evaluating original design and redesign

example results

Wayfinding Signage at BU
The Spatial Cognition and Wayfinding Lab at Bournemouth University is involved in a number of research and consultancy projects to improve the efficiency of wayfinding signage system in complex build environments.

Our consultancy work is backed by psychological studies and architectural theory.

In this blog we report results from these projects


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